Southern focus more likely to pay when it comes to Singapore's LNG ambitions

The $1.7bn LNG terminal on...

The city state wants to become Asia’s gas trading centre but China, demand and supply factors and Indonesian opportunity indicate it might be better to position itself purely as a Southeast Asia hub

Time to enter the Lloyd’s List Asia Awards 2015

Recognising shipping excellence

It's time to enter the Lloyd’s List Asia Awards 2015

Opec seaborne crude exports

Opec seaborne crude exports

Monitor seaborne exports from all Opec member countries

Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A look at how innovation and technology is making shipping better

Market Data

586 (-6) Baltic Dry Index

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Clean 655 (-13) Dirty 901 (-17) Baltic Tanker Indices

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North America

Clarifying US shale oil production

The drilling rig count has...

Despite anticipated dips, experts say US shale oil production remains high, considering how many drilling rigs have been killed off


Central & South America

Middle East


Daily Poll

Lidinsky: expected to repeat...

Container alliances have been accused of adding to US west coast congestion

Container power brokers

Container power brokers

Ranking the the most influential people in the box sector

Atkinson on oil

Atkinson on oil

Worst may be over for an unbalanced oil market

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