Video: The ballast treatment bottleneck: why delaying is causing problems for the industry

  • Friday 17 February 2012, 16:25

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An exclusive Lloyd’s List video report looking at the huge problems facing all shipowners as the ballast water convention comes into force creating a last minute rush for systems and certification. Our technical editor Craig Eason explores the issues.

Shipowners face a nightmare situation, somewhat of their own making. The ballast water convention will come into force in 2013, when the number of countries signing up to it represent 35% of the world’s fleet.

The requirements of the rules were written in 2004, so industry knows exactly what is required of them.

The problem was a lack of technology when the rules were written, preventing countries from ratifying the rules. There are now over a dozen approved technologies to choose from. Today the problem is a lack of time, facilities, skilled engineers and given the current markets, money. There is also the added complication of some countries threatening to create rules that are tougher than the internationally agreed ones.

A early as next year thousands of ships will need systems installed and many people expect problems as this special Lloyd’s List report discovers.

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