A central detail from...
Maya and Elâ Aponte: Maya...
Five years of the Top 100

Five years of the Top 100

View the current and previous top 100 most influential people in shipping...

  • Nick Palmer: Diagnosed with...

    Nick Palmer

    Former ABP port director dies after long illness
  • Emirates Maritime Arbitration...

    Cluster bombing

    It's love and war around the maritime clusters
  • UK ports made sure Robert...

    The Politics of Ports

    UK ports have plenty to shout about but still struggle to be heard
  • A networking gathering on the...

    Networking own goal

    Mersey Maritime’s reception in the 'walkie talkie' last night left attendees reeling from the array of frequent references to Premiership rivalries and tenuous links between the maritime and sport worlds
  • Goodwill had to explain the...

    Red duster fluster

    The difference between shipping and socialism
  • In a rousing speech, 'Obama'...

    Double take

    Star-studded parties across the capital as LISW confirms UK's maritime pulling power
  • Oxford Economics noted in...

    Down by the river

    Port of London Authority publishes reports in to the 'economic' and 'amenity' value of the River Thames
  • Thanks to the globalisation of...

    Made in China?

    Shipping is the key facilitator in the globalisation of trade, which means items are essentially no longer national products
  • González:

    The horizon's your limit! Women in shipping should lead the way

    Sanctions lawyer Miriam González asks maritime professionals to get involved with Inspiring Women campaign
  • Tales about offsprings'...

    Missionary zeal

    Shipping congregation gathers at St Paul's with talk of new converts
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Container consolidation

Container consolidation

Will they, or won't they? It's decision time for CMA CGM

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