• Polemis paid tribute to Davis’...

    Last laugh

    Polemis packs quite a punchline at IMIF dinner
  • Ship Operations

    Adm Sir Nicholas Hunt

    UK chamber pays tribute to a director-general who showed a cool head in a crisis
  • Propeller Club International...

    Funds for the young

    Individual shipping firms will establish their own scholarships under Propeller Club drive
  • Evangelos Marinakis with...

    Charity play

    Olympiacos football club backs Unicef campaign for children’s vaccinations
  • Greek-owned ships are the...

    Greeks honoured

    Propeller Club plays host to Amver awards ceremony in Athens
  • The 18th-century cargoship...

    Ghost ship

    A Halloween legend haunts the Northwest Passage
  • Maersk double: the container...

    Starring role

    Alexander Maersk stands in for Maersk Alabama in Tom Hanks blockbuster
  • Close, but no — chocolate —...

    Cakesize wuz robbed

    Shop-bought Peppa Pig defeats home-baked bulker by a snout
  • Aponte paid tribute to “the...

    Aponte takes a bow

    MSC founder dedicates his lifetime achievement award to his team
  • Synchronised dad-dancing on ...

    Bourbon’s Got Talent

    Creative oil supply vessel crew bag a YouTube hit

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540 (7) Baltic Dry Index

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Sulphur regulations remain a headache for owners

Sulphur rules a headache for owners

Arrival of new sulphur emission regulations at the start of the year has been anything but simple

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