• New arrivals include Stena,...

    Cutty Sark quandary

    An age-old obstacle to lowering the Red Ensign’s average age
  • The Baltic Exchange’s Jeremy...

    Star of the show

    It was a non-shipping person who was the focus of attention at the LISW reception
  • If LISW was likened to the...

    Vanity Fair

    Port of London Chapter of the Propeller Club gets LISW off to a flying start
  • Transport minister Stephen...

    Lost for words

    Transport minister lets slip he had forgotten his answer
  • Monday’s drinks, hosted by...

    Matchtech strikes a chord

    Maritime training working group will look to solve shipping companies’ common problem: finding leaders and cadets in the UK
  • Lost for words: did a speaker...

    Lost in translation

    Seminar on Nigerian shipping at the London International Shipping Week produces an English language moment
  • Townsend: the JHC wants to...

    Carrot and stick?

    Shipowners seen to be undertaking risk mitigation could be rewarded, says Joint Hull Committee
  • LISW line up: shipping...

    Dawn patrol

    Taking stock of shipping’s early birds
  • The Thames Clipper had to turn...

    Rain halts play at London Gateway

    London Container Terminal’s Angela Black steals the show with a confident business pitch
  • Maritime London chief...

    Roaring success

    UK ports operator ABP welcomed guests to an evening of champagne and sea shanties at Trinity House

Market Data

1151 (4) Baltic Dry Index

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