• Brussels may be hoping to...

    CECAs unpicked

    Why Brussels’ patchwork model for CO2 fund has holes
  • Easier Arctic passage during...

    Recovery on ice

    Global warming is alarming but shipping may benefit from changing Arctic
 The rarely challenged views...

    A plea for common sense

    Reality evaluation may sound complex but it does what it says on the tin
  • HM Customs & Excise using a...

    Slow progress on a Blue Belt

    Bid to ease procedures for ships trading across Europe goes on trial, with mixed results
  • Oslo: Norway’s number one...

    Schemes, dreams and screams

    Port of Oslo mixes art and ecology, business and leisure
  • UN agency Unesco is due to...

    Save the reef

    Shipping has a duty to put the public’s mind at rest about the safety of the Great Barrier reef, before the mood turns ugly
  • Using less fuel delivers...

    Using less fuel delivers triple benefit

    Initiatives to cut emissions need targets to determine failure or success
  • Shipping needs a serious...

    Lame ducts and tipping points: innovation needs research

    The overselling of emission-mitigating measures will persist as long as there is very little research-based feedback available from actual performances on real ships in real operating conditions
  • Prince Albert II: the state of...

    More care for the oceans

    Prince Albert II’s foundation focuses on the protection of the environment and on climate change, water and biodiversity
  • Perhaps the continuing...

    Cards on the table

    Collecting fuel consumption statistics as a way of then creating reductions needs the input of all shipowners, a group that has notorious difficulty in finding a joint consensus
  • There is worthwhile and...

    Keeping the turbines turning

    Life on the small support vessels which serve windfarms raises questions about safety
  • A regional solution would...

    Write on

    Japan’s timely letter urges EU to support global solution to CO2 emissions
  • “The challenge is to manage...

    CO2 tipping point

    Shipowners need support in a new era of emissions regulation
  • Shipping is sustainable in the...

    It’s the meaning that matters

    We have sustainable fishing and sustainable ship technology, but do we have a financially sustainable industry?
  • Brussels would have more...

    One for all

    Admirable but flawed attempt to match Hong Kong ship-recycling convention
Week on Wall Street | November 21

Week on Wall Street | November 21

The smaller shipowners face difficulties in raising finance from banks

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