BP and Sinopec in worldwide bunkering joint venture

The joint venture follows a...

Application in China has been cleared by anti-competition regulators

Last Word


North America

CMA 2015: Smooth switch to new sulphur rules in North American ECA

US Coast Guard figures show 13...

Sufficient marine gasoil eases supply concerns but ultra-low sulphur fuel oil is unavailable


Daily Poll

Lidinsky: expected to repeat...

Container alliances have been accused of adding to US west coast congestion


Market Data

586 (-6) Baltic Dry Index

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Opec seaborne crude exports

Opec seaborne crude exports

Monitor seaborne exports from all Opec member countries

Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A look at how innovation and technology is making shipping better

Special Reports

April deliveries see the world cellular fleet hit 5,087 ships

Date hub: World Fleet Update

April deliveries see the world cellular fleet hit 5,087 ships

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