Marshall Islands Registry surpasses 125m gross tons

Growth marks 25% rise in...

Growth marks 25% rise in tonnage since January 2014’s 100m gross ton mark

Class report 2014

Class report 2014

A data driven look at class performance and development

Last Word



Class recognition of Indian ship recycling facilities opens up the green debate

Priya Blue Industries, one of...

Whether you call it recycling, scrapping, demolition or shipbreaking, it is the way it is done that remains contentious, not what the parts are used for


Daily Poll

Key areas of focus include...

Are the leading maritime clusters doing enough to attract young talent?


Market Data

809 (0) Baltic Dry Index

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The Shipping Podcast

The Shipping Podcast

Are the UK's best days as a maritime power ahead of it or behind it?

Celebration and tragedy

The five most-read stories from Lloyd's List

The five most-read stories from Lloyd's List

Special Reports

The Intelligence, edition two

The Intelligence, edition two

The appeal of Captain Schettino, the mother of all mergers and much more

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