• Boardley: installed as...

    Nurturing maritime growth

    The UK Chamber of Shipping may be in good health, but it will need to pull on its resources if maritime growth is to be a reality and not a handy figure of speech
  • Marine specialists outside the...

    Clustering nicely

    Integration in all the elements that go to make up a safe and efficient marine transport system are needed as ship design goes forward
  • The new DNV GL Group will...

    Big fish in ever smaller sea

    The merger of DNV and GL could pave the way for other mergers, with increased competition for classification and consultancy
  • We need far more input from...

    A hands-on approach to regulation

    Sensible lawmaking needs more input from those at shipping’s coalface
  • IACS brings much-needed...

    Showing some class

    The time is right for IACS to clarify its objectives and strategic direction
  • The Bahamas’ marine safety...

    Three eyes good?

    Owner, UK class society and flag state launch separate probes into splitting of MOL Comfort
  • The industry must hope that...

    Box clever

    IACS to look at how big boxships are designed, built and operated
  • The proposed DNV-GL tie-up has...

    The hard sell

    Safety is not negotiable in the battle for class dominance
  • The merger between DNV and...

    Top class

    Industry jostles for position as DNV and Germanischer Lloyd tie-up sets a new agenda
  • Wiernicki: sharing data could...

    Industry must take a stake in the future of regulation

    Improving the quality of regulations requires more engagement and co-operation from all stakeholders
  • Tasneef needs to work hard to...

    Stand and deliver

    Tasneef has lofty ambitions, but it must prove itself in a tough and competitive segment
  • Today’s merger of GL and DNV...

    Germanischer Norske

    The two merged class societies must keep the home fires burning too
  • Has the time come for class...

    Euro veritas

    Do class societies that combine consultancy and safety work present a conflict of interest?
  • Appearances can be deceiving...

    Flagging statistics

    For those who like facts and figures, it is important to get them right
  • Lack of certification will not...

    Safety first

    Strong-arming class societies out of doing business with Iran will not seem like such a good idea if an NITC tanker creates a major spill
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Class report 2014

Class report 2014

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