Transpacific carriers face struggle to hold on to east coast rate premiums

Expected influx of larger...

Rise in transpacific services via the expanded Panama Canal could result in oversupply to US east coast, says Drewry

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Wan Hai appoints new vice-chairman and president

Chairman Po-Ting Chen has...

Chairman Po-Ting Chen gives up role as president


Central & South America

  • Global Gateways: Latin America

    In Latin America, with the opening of the newly expanded Panama Canal, PSA and PPC are gearing up for increased transhipment growth

North America

  • Global Gateways: North America

    Berth congestion and labour unrest have caused havoc on North America's west coast, which seems to have led to a good year for east coast ports

Middle East


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813 (-10) Baltic Dry Index

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CI Award Winners 2015

CI Award Winners 2015

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Top 100 container ports

Top 100 container ports

Find out more about the top 100 container ports performance

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Panama Canal expansion

Panama Canal expansion

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