Salvors reattach MOL Comfort tow wire

Cargo on MOL Comfort’s fore section is mostly intact and stable, no oil film has been sighted, says MOL.

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Split vessel’s fore section heads to port

THE saga of the recovery of MOL Comfort continues today, with Mitsui OSK Lines reporting that salvors have reattached a tow wire to the fore portion of the split vessel and are towing it north-northwest across the Indian Ocean.

The tow wire separated from the section two days ago, leaving the recovered half of the boxship adrift.

“The tow wire was disconnected from the fore part on July 1, but the recovery work was completed and we have resumed the towing operation,” MOL said yesterday.

It said that cargo remained mostly intact and stable on the fore section and that no oil film had been sighted around the damaged fore section.

Smit Salvage Singapore is overseeing the recovery. Its salvage tugs reached the separated fore and aft sections on June 24 and were trying to recover them when the aft section sank last week.

Poor weather has continued since the 8,100 teu vessel split during a storm 200 miles off the coast of Yemen on June 17 and heavy seas are hampering the recovery.

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