Norden finds new chief executive

Rindbo: More than 20 years of...

Jan Rindbo from Pacific Basin will assume role in summer 2015

Week on Wall Street | October 24

Week on Wall Street | October 24

DryShips' Economou continues to command attention

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North America

Central & South America

  • Eyes on Brazil

    Optimism about dry bulk demand next year hinges on what Vale will do


Daily Poll

Could ports be doing more to encourage greener shipping?


Market Data

1428 (33) Baltic Dry Index

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Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A look at how innovation and technology is making shipping better

Ebola maritime watch

Ebola maritime watch

Our dedicated page on everything you need to know about Ebola

Special Reports

Ebola threat casts its shadow over shipping

Ebola threat casts its shadow over shipping

Free to read: Most-read Lloyd's List stories highlight industry concerns over spread of disease

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