Shenzhen faces slow progress in making emissions control compulsory

Shenzhen: The city has brought...

City has brought in a generous voluntary scheme, but it can hardly follow Hong Kong’s example to pursue legislation in the near future

Opec seaborne crude exports

Opec seaborne crude exports

Monitor seaborne exports from all Opec member countries

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The cost of clean air

Station Pier, Melbourne:...

Waterfronts these days are no place for ships, which are dirty and smelly and spoil the expensive view


  • Clustering nicely

    Integration in all the elements that go to make up a safe and efficient marine transport system are needed as ship design goes forward

North America

Daily Poll

John Fredriksen-backed...

Anecdotal evidence has emerged of a slew of potential orders for building new oil tankers.


Market Data

597 (4) Baltic Dry Index

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Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A look at how innovation and technology is making shipping better

Atkinson on oil

Atkinson on oil

Worst may be over for an unbalanced oil market

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Time to enter the Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2015

Time to enter the Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2015

Show your customers why you are an award-winning business

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