• Kiel: delegates gather next...

    Germany at the crossroads

    The time for strategic choices is now
  • Successive Cyprus governments...

    Hand in glove

    Strong ties between shipping and government have helped Cyprus through its crisis
  • China’s shipyards are among...

    Muscling up

    Latest Asia results show players building cash and strengthening their balance sheets
  • Cypriot banks have offered...

    A bitter pill

    Shipmanagers from northern eurozone nations have substantial deposits in Cyprus
  • Banks should help owners fund...

    Lend a hand

    As owners struggle to finance necessary retrofitting, banks must step in
  • The KG model is dead for at...

    Jeremiads for Germany

    Fears grow over KG funds’ lamentable prospects
  • Investors without a background...

    A test of nerve

    Japan’s Mitsubishi group looks to invest in containerships. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Once maritime service...

    Timely warning

    When HSH chairman warns that ship finance could head east, Europe needs to listen
  • RBS hits back on TMT over...

    Every little helps

    Blackstone’s insurance deal is not a silver bullet for Citibank
  • China’s banks are as savvy as...

    No soft touch

    Shipping will find the additional lending helpful but cannot expect salvation
  • Cexim’s lending looks firmly...

    Feeding the yards

    Cexim stands by its ship finance target of $3bn for 2013
  • Slings and arrows: Germany’s...

    A shipping soliloquy

    To foreclose or not to foreclose? That is the question
  • Bodouroglou: highlighted the...

    Still in the woods

    Bargain hunters may yet have their day
  • Brazil is the world’s...

    Golden Bric road

    The World Bank’s finance arm is stepping up lending to emerging markets’ maritime sector
  • A crisis for capitalism:...

    Red alert

    German banks are more exposed to shipping than to struggling eurozone countries’ debts
Five ship finance predictions for 2014

Five ship finance predictions for 2014

Expect deflationary pressure, tentative recovery and possibly a bumpy ride

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