• Medium to large private...

    Loosen the purse strings

    Dealogic’s latest data shows loans reserved for trophy transactions and top-tier players
  • Although China has banned...

    Ban the ban

    Beijing must look again at the valemax issue and lift restrictions on giant bulkers
  • Hamburg: several US private...

    Hamburg roots

    More foreign investment in German shipping can’t be a bad thing
  • Optimism is mounting that the...

    Forecast rosy?

    Baltic Dry Index is at an 18-month high, having risen about 60% since the start of the year
  • The offer of cheaper ships may...

    So far, so Keynes

    Dutch accelerated depreciation drive may not be the gift it seems
  • Rongsheng must confront...

    Rongsheng’s big squeeze

    Listed China shipbuilder faces double threat of a strike and shortages of working capital
  • Shipping needs to attract...

    On the books

    You gotta fight for your right to straight-line depreciation
  • No doubt shipping law firms...

    Room for both

    Shipping law firms can survive a ‘white shoe’ kicking
  • Banks are falling over...

    To have and have not

    Promising firms will collapse unless lenders look beyond the shipping élite
  • The struggle Nobu Su faces is...

    Pluck and luck

    TMT’s Chapter 11 move is no surprise — but can its tycoon owner come to the rescue?
  • The debtor-friendliness of the...

    Seoul survivor

    South Korean receivership is a little too easy for some tastes
  • Shipping is unlikely to dig...

    Reasons to be cheerful?

    Survey finds shipping with a new spring in its step but the storm is not over yet
  • Giannakoulis: his point...

    Timely warning

    Money has again become too easy
  • If the downturn continues for...

    Forecast, pain

    Moody’s predicts that many more owners will go under before shipping prospects brighten
  • Rickmers boss Ron Widdows has...

    What next?

    Rickmers may signal a new direction for German ship finance
Week on Wall Street | October 31

Week on Wall Street | October 31

Emanuele Lauro turns a mistake into an act of boldness

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