• If the downturn continues for...

    Forecast, pain

    Moody’s predicts that many more owners will go under before shipping prospects brighten
  • Rickmers boss Ron Widdows has...

    What next?

    Rickmers may signal a new direction for German ship finance
  • A prompt surge in vessel...

    Caveat emptor

    Is borrowing against scrap value brave or foolhardy?
  • Teekay is one of the blue...

    Easy money in Oslo

    Norway’s bond market growth should deliver a message to the banks
  • The least the oil majors can...

    Big Oil biteback

    Tanker owners deserve better treatment from their wealthy customers
  • Customers fought hard to...

    Box rate blame game

    Customers and carriers are responsible for roller coaster pricing in the container trades
  • Oslo Borse: Norway’s capital...

    Looking good for Oslo

    Norway’s capital is now the go-to city for high-yield bonds
  • Commerzbank will place 10...

    Default settings

    Others may emulate Commerzbank’s ship warehousing experiment
  • Changes to the minutiae of...

    Balance sheet blues

    Accountancy rule changes are no bad thing, but a headache to implement
  • The cumulative Greek orderbook...

    The price is right

    Ordering newbuildings may not benefit the market, but low prices are still attractive
  • Eagle and Excel face...

    Not out of the woods

    Eagle and Excel shares jump is good news but does not signal the all-clear
  • Shipping will battle through...

    Bridge to better days

    Summit sets the agenda for future trends
  • Germany’s JadeWeserPort, built...

    Europe’s lost decade?

    Investors in ultra-large containership and deepwater ports have reason to be nervous
  • Su inherited a modest shipping...

    TMT’s poor hand

    Nobu Su is in the spotlight after an ill-timed gamble on Whale-class tonnage
  • Greece-based Navios will take...

    Chemistry counts

    Navios rides to rescue HSH Nordbank but its last distress deals inspired few imitators
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