• Torm spent $15m linked to its...

    Cure or kill

    Restructuring consultancy fees are a bitter pill for troubled firms to swallow
  • With quantitative easing,...

    Adopt the brace position

    How does Moore Stephens’ predicted 3% rise in prices relate to economic theories?
  • Cashflow has to be maintained...

    Cash flows

    Restructuring can be long, costly and painful, so cashflow is vitally important
  • Operators that find themselves...

    Comment: Do it now

    Too many struggling shipping companies appear to prefer procrastination to undertaking a restructuring
  • Under Chinese law, rights of...

    Wet, wet, wet

    The last thing that China needs is an excuse for bubble lending
  • The banks should do what...

    Banks should bite the bullet on writedowns

    Uncertainty over market recovery raises questions about ship values and debt levels
  • The cargo capacity delivered...

    Shipping economics just get worse

    Why is the industry so disconnected from its customer base?
  • Casualties: many owners are in...

    Cut and run

    Body count will rise as banks foreclose and sell or refinance firms at market levels
  • The World Bank expects China’s...

    China will not rest for long

    World Bank forecasts weak Chinese exports and lower investment growth, but a rebound in 2013
  • Chinese yards are feeling the...

    Beyond shipbuilding

    China’s yards look ever further afield to shield themselves from the slump in shipbuilding
  • However much money Greek...

    Hour of need

    Greek shipowners pay taxes and raise funds for the poor
  • LNG is the hot sector of the...

    Bonds bonanza

    The Höegh LNG fundraising shows that there is finance available for shipping, even if the bar is set high
  • FedEx chief executive Fred...

    Slow boats

    FedEx profit warning contains surprising silver lining
  • Cold comfort: with media...

    Feeling lucky?

    Beware gloomy executive confidence surveys that create self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Better days: Classic...

    Comment: Final curtain for Classic?

    One of the last of the remaining traditional cruise operators in Europe is under threat
Week on Wall Street | January 23

Week on Wall Street | January 23

First Euronav, then Tankships — crude tankers are commanding attention

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