• Austerity is the new normal...

    Austere new world

    Business lending must revive, but shipowners will not credit as freely as they did
  • Asian currency appreciation...

    Mutual appreciation

    Strengthening Asian currencies add to pressure on regional yards
  • The results of expanded...

    Grim outlook continues for shipping

    Sector has become a non-industry for banks that are in no rush to return
  • Torm spent $15m linked to its...

    Cure or kill

    Restructuring consultancy fees are a bitter pill for troubled firms to swallow
  • With quantitative easing,...

    Adopt the brace position

    How does Moore Stephens’ predicted 3% rise in prices relate to economic theories?
  • Cashflow has to be maintained...

    Cash flows

    Restructuring can be long, costly and painful, so cashflow is vitally important
  • Operators that find themselves...

    Comment: Do it now

    Too many struggling shipping companies appear to prefer procrastination to undertaking a restructuring
  • Under Chinese law, rights of...

    Wet, wet, wet

    The last thing that China needs is an excuse for bubble lending
  • The banks should do what...

    Banks should bite the bullet on writedowns

    Uncertainty over market recovery raises questions about ship values and debt levels
  • The cargo capacity delivered...

    Shipping economics just get worse

    Why is the industry so disconnected from its customer base?
  • Casualties: many owners are in...

    Cut and run

    Body count will rise as banks foreclose and sell or refinance firms at market levels
  • The World Bank expects China’s...

    China will not rest for long

    World Bank forecasts weak Chinese exports and lower investment growth, but a rebound in 2013
  • Chinese yards are feeling the...

    Beyond shipbuilding

    China’s yards look ever further afield to shield themselves from the slump in shipbuilding
  • However much money Greek...

    Hour of need

    Greek shipowners pay taxes and raise funds for the poor
  • LNG is the hot sector of the...

    Bonds bonanza

    The Höegh LNG fundraising shows that there is finance available for shipping, even if the bar is set high
Opec seaborne crude exports

Opec seaborne crude exports

Monitor seaborne exports from all Opec member countries

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