• The European Investment Bank...

    Back to the future

    We believe the bankers who complain of few takers for retrofitting loans
  • More funds are looking at the...

    Early days

    The shipping market has turmoil ahead despite the new year’s positive signals
  • Has China taken the first step...

    China opens up

    Internationally recognised indices for paper swaps see China knock some down barriers
  • The adage “Follow the money”...

    Bigger Apple

    Follow the money and it leads to New York
  • China is a source of  surplus...

    Cashing in on China

    New source of lending will not end western shipowners’ woes
  • Japanese owners paid in...

    Japanese squeeze

    Shipowners are finding less support from traditional financiers
  • Private equity will want its...

    Gods of carnage

    Where private equity funds swoop, blood will be spilled
  • Some companies on the Nomura...

    A certain ratio

    Not every company reporting poor debt to equity ratios is on death watch
  • Austerity is the new normal...

    Austere new world

    Business lending must revive, but shipowners will not credit as freely as they did
  • Asian currency appreciation...

    Mutual appreciation

    Strengthening Asian currencies add to pressure on regional yards
  • The results of expanded...

    Grim outlook continues for shipping

    Sector has become a non-industry for banks that are in no rush to return
  • Torm spent $15m linked to its...

    Cure or kill

    Restructuring consultancy fees are a bitter pill for troubled firms to swallow
  • With quantitative easing,...

    Adopt the brace position

    How does Moore Stephens’ predicted 3% rise in prices relate to economic theories?
  • Cashflow has to be maintained...

    Cash flows

    Restructuring can be long, costly and painful, so cashflow is vitally important
  • Operators that find themselves...

    Comment: Do it now

    Too many struggling shipping companies appear to prefer procrastination to undertaking a restructuring
The Shipping Podcast

The Shipping Podcast

Are the UK's best days as a maritime power ahead of it or behind it?

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