LNG shipping no place for private investors looking to make fast buck

LNG shipping might not be...

Fly-by-night private equity investors should look elsewhere, as LNG shipping requires long-term approach to attract bank finance

Sulphur regulations remain a headache for owners

Sulphur rules a headache for owners

Arrival of new sulphur emission regulations at the start of the year has been anything but simple

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Middle East

Milaha rides high on strong year for gas and oil

Milaha’s fleet covers the gas...

Profit for Qatari owner rises 10%



Central & South America

North America


Daily Poll

John Fredriksen-backed...

Anecdotal evidence has emerged of a slew of potential orders for building new oil tankers.


Market Data

540 (7) Baltic Dry Index

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Container power brokers

Container power brokers

Ranking the the most influential people in the box sector

P&I general increases: don't ask, don't get

P&I general increases: don't ask, don't get

Some clubs have secured premium hikes, if not as high as headline figures announced

Special Reports

Take the Sulphur Survey 2015

Take the Sulphur Survey 2015

How are sulphur emission regulations impacting the shipping industry?

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