Odfjell poaches Clipper chief executive

Mørch: Currently co-chief...

New boss aims to steer one of the world's leading chemical tanker companies towards improved results

Last Word



Nurturing maritime growth

Boardley: installed as...

The UK Chamber of Shipping may be in good health, but it will need to pull on its resources if maritime growth is to be a reality and not a handy figure of speech



  • IMO election 2015: Kenya

    Juneval Shiundu has his sights on 'an inclusive IMO: building consensus, co-operation and capacity'

North America

Middle East

Daily Poll

Lidinsky: expected to repeat...

Container alliances have been accused of adding to US west coast congestion


Market Data

587 (-4) Baltic Dry Index

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Atkinson on oil

Atkinson on oil

Worst may be over for an unbalanced oil market

The Shipping Podcast

The Shipping Podcast

Has the UK coalition been good for shipping? Jonathan Roberts and panel...

Special Reports

Singapore Maritime Week

Singapore Maritime Week

All the latest news, analysis and opinion from Singapore Maritime Week

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