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Greek shipowners pledge to help economy

The Union of Greek Shipowners...

Posidonia 2012: ‘no objection’ to working with left-wing Syriza, says Veniamis

Posidonia defeats the gloom mongers

Posidonia defeats the gloom mongers

Fewer newbuilding contracts signed, but the parties and exhibition were as big as ever

Posidonia 2012 from an insurer’s perspective

Posidonia 2012 from an insurer’s perspective

No other venue in the world brings together the same concentration of shipowners

Lloyd's List Business Briefing: What they said

Exclusive video interviews

Key points from speakers at Lloyd's List Business Briefing at Posidonia 2012

Posidonia Special Report

  • Greece 2012

    Greece 2012

    Duty calls: shipping rallies as a nation stands on the...

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