Brussels rules on reporting shipborne CO2 emissions come into force

Reporting must differentiate...

Regional regulation creates a CO2 emissions reporting regime that will lead to future industry-wide reduction enforcement

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Aronnax: A shipping step in self-regulation is welcome

An ISO standard on hull and propeller performance is a good move, and one that could be built on — but by industry rather than regulators

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Middle East

Daily Poll

Who do you think will be the next secretary-general of the IMO?


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800 (-13) Baltic Dry Index

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IMO Election 2015

IMO Election 2015

Lloyd's List looks at the six candidates and the future of the IMO.

Lim Ki-Tack next IMO secretary-general

Lim Ki-Tack next IMO secretary-general

Voting went through five rounds to decide who will replace Koji Sekimizu at year end

Special Reports

Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A look at how innovation and technology is making shipping better

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