Gas-powered shipping rules agreed at IMO

Once the IGF has been...

Rules on use of LNG and other low flashpoint fuels key in development of gas-powered shipping

Week on Wall Street | November 21

Week on Wall Street | November 21

The smaller shipowners face difficulties in raising finance from banks

Last Word



Aronnax: Not one but two CO2 reporting schemes for shipping

IMO advanced its plans to build a global mandatory CO2 reporting scheme while Brussels' proposals stalled during elections

North America


Central & South America

Middle East

Daily Poll

MSC launched the US west coast...

Can box lines make their US west coast congestion surcharges stick?


Market Data

1324 (-8) Baltic Dry Index

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Mediterranean mega hubs continue to reap the rewards

Mediterranean mega hubs continue to reap the rewards

Boom in transhipment behind surge in container traffic

Data Hub: World Fleet Update

Data Hub: World Fleet Update

Container fleet growth eases in October

Special Reports

China Shipping raises the stakes in game of survival

Survival strategy

CSCL has offloaded its assets to avoid delisting, but is its future any brighter?

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