Class report 2015

Class report 2015

A data-driven look at class performance and development

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Enter the spy in the sky

Brussels is poised to use...

Brussels is preparing to use drones to monitor shipping, but there are safety, privacy and civil liberty issues to be worked through


  • Northern Exposure

    In October, 1,500 delegates gathered at the Arctic Circle Conference in Iceland to discuss the northern sea route. How realistic is the concept, what are its benefits and pitfalls and what rules will govern the route?

North America

Central & South America


Daily Poll

Is Singapore the biggest threat to London’s status as a premier maritime centre?


Market Data

546 (18) Baltic Dry Index

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Episode three

Episode three

Discussing young seafarers in the industry and is shipping still an 'old...

The Intelligence, edition three

The Intelligence, edition three

Monthly take on the business of shipping

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