Bulkers are cheap now, and could stay that way

Bulkers appear to be fairly...

A UBS study of historical time charter rates and ship prices finds that low bulker prices are fairly valued

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Golden Ocean sells capes and delays newbuilding deliveries

Golden Ocean has sold Channel...

John Fredriksen-controlled bulker giant cuts a series of deals to strength its cash position


North America


Middle East

Daily Poll

Lidinsky: expected to repeat...

Container alliances have been accused of adding to US west coast congestion


Market Data

587 (3) Baltic Dry Index

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Intelligent shipping

Intelligent shipping

A look at how innovation and technology is making shipping better

Greek government urged to unleash maritime hub potential

Gratsos on Greece's maritime hub potential

Country needs ‘different thinking’ to prosper

Special Reports

Opec seaborne crude exports

Opec seaborne crude exports

Monitor seaborne exports from all Opec member countries

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