Is the marine security bubble about to burst?

Apparent success in curbing...

The demise of GoAGT brings fears of other private firms going bust

We need your ballast opinions

We need your ballast opinions

Industry thoughts and comments sought on critical ballast water issues

Last Word



Cosco Corp profit down 19% in second quarter

Turnover from Cosco Corp’s...

Shipbuilding unit of Chinese giant enhances competitiveness in offshore sector



Central & South America

North America

Daily Poll

Singapore National Shippers...

Super-alliances: Too much market power in too few hands?


Market Data

751 (-4) Baltic Dry Index

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Readers tune in for 2M coverage

Readers tune in for 2M coverage

Chinese state TV isn’t keen on news of the alliance but it’s popular on

Playing by the rules

Playing by the rules

Lloyd's List offers a guide to the regulatory rush about to hit shipping

Special Reports

The Week on Wall Street | August 1

The Week on Wall Street | August 1

‘Dead quiet’ results season leaves investors bemused

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