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1192 (37) Baltic Dry Index

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Africa Analysis

Week on Wall Street | October 24

Week on Wall Street | October 24

DryShips' Economou continues to command attention

Ebola maritime watch

Ebola maritime watch

Our dedicated page on everything you need to know about Ebola

  • Durban is investing in its...

    54. Durban

    Throughput 2013: 2,632,515 teu, up 2.5% (2012:...
  • Egypt’s second city has two...

    89. Alexandria

    Throughput 2013: 1,508,101 teu up 3% (2012: 1,463,348...
  • Suez Canal Container Terminal...

    34. Port Said

    Throughput 2013: 4,100,000 teu* up 12.9% (2012:...

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Africa Analysis

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