China Merchants Energy Shipping sets up valemax arm

China VLOC will initially be...

Wholly owned by CMES for now, Hong Kong-based unit might welcome investment from Sinotrans & CSC later

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911 (8) Baltic Dry Index

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Central & South America Analysis

Opec seaborne crude exports

Opec seaborne crude exports

Monitor seaborne exports from all Opec member countries

Five years of the Top 100

Five years of the Top 100

View the current and previous top 100 most influential people in shipping...

  • Manzanillo's Pacific coast...

    69. Manzanillo

    Throughput 2014: 2,355,149 teu, up 11% (2013: 2,117,183...
  • A substantial yard expansion...

    44. Balboa

    Throughput 2014: 3,236,355 teu, up 5.6% (2013:...
  • Cartagena is in the middle of...

    66. Cartagena

    Throughput 2014: 2,385,542 teu, up 18.4% (2013:...
  • MIT, operated by US-based SSA...

    43. Colon

    Throughput 2014: 3,286,738 teu, down 2.1% (3,356,060...

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Central & South America Analysis

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