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Sensors in fluids such as...

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1147 (28) Baltic Dry Index

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Top 20 European Ports

Top 20 European Ports

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Drawing a line — why pilotage must be exempt from competition

Drawing a line

Why pilotage must be exempt from competition

  • Genoa’s falling volumes...

    66. Genoa

    Throughput 2013: 1,988,013 teu, down 3.7% (2012:...
  • Zeebrugge gained a new...

    70. Zeebrugge

    Throughput 2013: 2,026,270 teu, up 3.7% (2012:...
  • Barcelona’s exports rose 4.5%...

    77. Barcelona

    Throughput 2013: 1,720,383 teu, down 2.2% (2012:...
  • Hamburg’s inland location...

    15. Hamburg

    Throughput 2013: 9,302,219 teu, up 4.6% (2012:...

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