BW LPG earnings leap

The current BW LPG fleet...

With positive market group turns down 10% stake in competitor Dorian LPG

Latest Market Data

903 (-2) Baltic Dry Index

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Opec seaborne crude exports

Opec seaborne crude exports

Monitor seaborne exports from all Opec member countries

Five years of the Top 100

Five years of the Top 100

View the current and previous top 100 most influential people in shipping...

  • Trade with Europe accounts for...

    92. Montreal

    Throughput 2014: 1,402,393 teu, up 3.4% (2013:...
  • Increased volumes presented a...

    65. Virginia

    Throughput 2014: 2,393,038 teu, up 7.6% (2013:...
  • Savannah was the...

    42. Savannah

    Throughput 2014: 3,346,048 teu, up 10.3% (2013:...

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